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There are many challengesThese are challenges that corporate brands as well as personal brands have to face again and again: There is the Fight for the attention of potential customers, clients and consumers, then the desire is great to retain existing customers in the long term and to confirm this bond again and again. Moreover, it is always worthwhile to bring lost customers back on board. All this must be included in difficult market conditions which for decades have been characterized by floods of information, masses of products and choosy target groups, while at the same time facing an oversupply and thus free choice in most markets.

Three important factors for long-term success under these conditions consist in a strong brand identity and brand image and in a successful strategy for the Brand Activation.

Brand Identity & Brand Activation

Enhance your brand identity and capture the attention of potential customers. We work with you to combine our creative visions and develop something truly spectacular that will stay & impact in the minds of target audiences.

Strategic brand development & activation of target groups

Brand development

In terms of brand identity, brand identity and brand image are to be strengthened, constantly developed and communicated anew time and again in this waybe it via product advertising or overarching communication campaigns - that Perception, recognition, appreciation and trust among the target groups are created - and remain!

Another factor for brand image and brand identity as guarantors of sales success is Brand Activation. For a strong brand, the term "activation" literally hides the rousing of target groups to get them to actively, sustainably, digitally & analogously interact with your brand & products. With the help of unique and at the same time consistent brand experiences, for example through social media and paid media campaigns, you promote recognition, trust and brand loyalty.

Both are combined in our branding company in the process of strategic brand development, online positioning of the brand, constant brand management and social and digital marketing.
There are to establish a stable presence and image New communication strategies are always necessary, to maintain or further improve both awareness and brand positioning.

Features Brand Identity


✓ Strategically develop brand image & brand identity
Strengthening the brand-Characteristics that should shape the character of the brand from the perspective of the target groups
✓ Defined corporate identity as it is to be permanently perceived
✓ Consistent corporate design for corporate presence & recognition value
✓ Consistent external marketing communication
✓ Medium- to long-term strategy toward all target groups for building trust & awareness

Goals Brand Activation


✓ Positioning the brand where target groups are & where they seek information
✓ Positioning at all brand touch points with the respective target groups
✓ Serving the right touch points in the customer journey of the targets
✓ Consistent strategic communication measures
✓ Regular content generation on relevant channels of the target groups
✓ Increase involvement with the brand & strengthen trust
Engage target audiences in active, sustainable, digital & analog interaction with your brand & products

our name as a promise of performance

Brand Activation Berlin

Brand Activation

If you are looking for a professional and creative all-rounder in the field of brand identity strengthening, target group specific brand activation, strategic brand marketing and social media marketing, which you need for your online success with your target groups, then Brand Activation is your ideal contact!

We are available at any time for all questions regarding Brand identity and brand image and on other topics, and of course for the active development and implementation of your strategy or campaign. Contact our branding agency directly and without obligation and make your personal appointment for the free initial consultation.

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