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Digital marketing paid media

Digital Marketing

Communication is always cause and effect (Paul Watzlawick, communication scientist)

The ways of communication and thus all the possibilities that Attract attention of potential customers, clients and consumershave grown enormously as a result of digitization and at the same time have mutated into an almost unmanageable instrument for many companies, brands and personal brands.
Many of our customers have recognized the importance of this development in the field of Digital marketing, digital media and social media They feel the pressure to participate, and they also see the huge potential to reach customers and increase sales, for example. But when words like paid media, social paid ads and Instagram branding fall, some people's ears are ringing. And yes: it is as elaborate as it sounds.

The good news is: We at Brand Activation have the complete overview, follow all trends and secure with our know-how in the field of digital marketing & paid media your long-term success.

Digital Marketing & Paid Media

Our innovative approach to digital marketing and paid media gives your business the perfect extra oomph it needs to make a real impact with target audiences. to land. By clearly defining your target groups, we know how to gain their trust and where to reach them efficiently through precise placement of your advertising.

Digital strategy & communication to activate target groups

Digital strategy

Digital Marketing is target-group-oriented communication using all available digital technologies and the Internet. Of course, the communication possibilities and needs of your company as well as the communication needs of your relevant target groups, determined through targeted research, are combined in a short-, medium- or long-term strategy. This gives you the best option to act on direct eye level with the people whose attention and trust you want to win permanently.

In the Internet search engines and social networks can also place paid content and advertisements -. paid media is the keyword - to create and increase targeted reach, whether for your brand as a whole or for specific products or events.

There are many ways to your customers - we know & go them

know & go

The forms of advertising depend on the type of media and your desired conversion. As an example, we offer social media paid advertising, often abbreviated as social paid ads, or measures in the area of Instagram branding. Instagram is, of course, just one example of the many social networks and digital channels, because whether Instagram. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok or topic-specific communication and advertising platforms: Wherever your personal target groups and potential customers are:

we find out through systematic analyses (targeting),

we develop the appropriate strategy and design the campaigns,

we create the appropriate content, movies & branded movies as well as advertisements for the respective channels,

and thus pick up potential new and existing customers on a large scale exactly where they are online.

We use for this:

Paid media: All types of paid digital advertising,

social media paid advertising: Paid placement of content and advertisements on social networks,

social paid: Also paid placement of content in social media, but social paid focuses less on explicit advertising and more on actively offering a solution that target groups may not even know about yet,

and many more possibilities!

Digital Marketing Goals

✓ Actively use communication channels of the target groups
✓ Increase brand awareness among target groups
✓ Achieve increased engagement between target audience and brand towards your desired conversion
✓ Achieving conversion goals: it is about convincing people to take certain active actions (e.g., product purchase).
✓ Increase traffic on company channels & promote again and again

Target paid media

✓ Online positioning of the brand or product where target groups are & seek information
✓ Design & run paid campaigns for various media types (paid media, social paid ads on various channels)
✓ Use existing external reach & increase own reach via it
✓ Direct traffic from paid platforms to own channels
✓ Many paid campaigns offer a certain calculable reach & thus attention

Relationships with customers must always be strengthened and further developed through the appropriate communication measures. Promote recognition, trust and brand loyalty with our branding company.

we move your target groups

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Brand Activation

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