Becoming a Health Influencer with Brand Activation: Bringing Medical Expertise to Market and High Level of Attention


The healthcare sector and healthcare professionals include particular experts and luminaries in respective fields, and there are hospitals, corporations, public and private foundations, and private sector manufacturers, service providers and suppliers of all kinds, research-based medical institutions, and general research institutions.
They all have four things in common:

➤ You have something to offer that is relevant to very specific target groups or to very many different target groups,

 ➤ they could make their own Health Influencer and become a Medfluencer,

 ➤ but due to the complete utilization with their core work, they often lack the possibilities to also additionally take care of the market-driven placement of their offers with the target groups and to gain the greatest possible attention.

 ➤ The marketing know-how must then be brought along by a strong, reliable and efficient partner.

Here comes Brand Activation We have useful insights into the healthcare sector through many health projects and customers - and at the same time the knowledge of how marketing can take place successfully at a high level and in the language of the target groups!

We know how the experts themselves can be established as personal brands, how one's own institution or company can successfully generate attention to achieve specific goals (e.g. employer branding hospital). We can bring innovations to a broad audience and help market launches to take off successfully. Whether products, specialist literature, studies, expertise in any form and content from all medical and health-related areas - your customer, consumer or patient will become aware of them with our help.

You or your company can achieve important goals as a healthcare influencer


Health Influencers, depending on the focus also Medfluencer and at the same time E-Health-Influencer are in the sense (still) no independent professional group, but these are experts in their respective field, which use important complementary skills and special strategic action bundles for their own success, which are highly relevant in the digital and social media age. As industry spokespersons, they can reach your target groups & goals via digital channels in a particularly needs-based manner. Whether individuals or entire companies - with the help of Brand Activation, they will be able to build these influencing capabilities professionally and strategically.

Target groups


 ✓ Business to Business (B2B): Your target groups are colleagues or experts and potential users in related or complementary disciplines with whom you want to exchange information about yourself and your offerings and with whom you want to create awareness for certain topics. Other target groups can be the right potential distribution partners, whom you want to make aware of the importance of your knowledge, your products or publications.

✓ Business to Consumer (B2C): Your target audiences are end users, customers or potential patients you want to reach.



✓ Intangible & non-material goals, if applicable: important topics, research results and educational work are to be brought closer to the respective target groups in terms of interest groups

✓ Classic sales targets: Market people, products & knowledge

✓ Employer branding, if applicable: Whether hospital or company, to attract attention & interest of the best minds for your team

How to achieve engagement for your health issues

Health Topics

Visual, auditory and well-portioned informative communication moves thoughts, emotions and actions.
With measures in the area Brand Activation, Social media marketing, Digital and Paid Media Marketing, as well as in visual storytelling and Image film production our branding company provides you with the maximum presence and the hearing of the desired "audience" - whether customers, consumers, patients or visitors. We make sure they become medfluencers and e-health influencers for your own service, product or know-how.

Brand Identity & Brand Activation

Improve brand identity and capture the attention of potential customers through collaboration and innovative ideas.

Digital Marketing & Paid Media

By optimizing the definition of your target groups, we achieve precise placement of your advertising.

Social media marketing

Establishment of all relevant channels that match your brand and message by our social media team.

Film & Branded Movies

Creating strong brand films for all channels that give a vivid impression of you or products.

Medfluencer on the pulse of time: How Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli generates additional attention for important topics

Target group

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jalid Sehouli

✓ Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jalid Sehouli

✓ Director of the Clinic for Gynecology with Center for Oncological Surgery (CVK) and Clinic for Gynecology (CBF)

✓ Charité Women's Hospital

✓ Healthcare influencer and also a strong personal brand for employer branding (Charité Hospital)

✓ Started in May 2021 with his own podcast "WeißBunt".

✓ Prof. Sehouli's podcast is created in collaboration with Brand Activation and builds bridges from the world of medicine into the most diverse areas of society

✓ The work of Brand Activation:
❖ Production of the "WeissBunt" podcast series
❖ Social media marketing
Channels: Podcast Streaming Platforms, Instagram

⇐ We are pleased to announce that we have finally been able to recruit our long-standing customer Prof. Sehouli as our Director of Medical Science Marketing

We translate your health goals into a campaign for your target group

Target group

We support you in this, Health Influencer for your own performance, your product or your know-how. With Brand Activation in Berlin, you trust a professional branding agency that defines your goals with you step by step, develops brand strategies, implements measures and monitors success.

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